internal dialogue

 - It is not the physical brain that guides us in our internal dialogue. It is our experiences and how we view those experiences through our internal dialogue. The experiences a person has had in the course of life become firmly anchored in our brain and becomes the foundation for our current and future behaviors. Our experiences define our expectations, they steer our attention in very specific directions, they determine the valuation we put on our lives through and how we react to our surroundings. Thus, these individually acquired experiences and how we house them internally are the most important and most valuable treasure a person possesses. These experiences become viewing portals. We’ve all met people that consider themselves to be indispensable or people that have low opinions of themselves or people that think they are God like or omnipotent or people that are controlling or small or power hungry or narcissistic excreta… these behaviors are a direct correlation to ones experiences. I suggest that you take your experiences whatever they may be to teach others, to help others to use it, whatever ‘it’ is as a springboard to make a difference in the lives of others. Why else could we possibly be here for? Recognize too, that our experiences are the nucleus to how we talk to ourselves in our internal world. Begin the process of recognizing that your experiences are the foundation of the conversation you have with yourself. Kinda important if you plan to have conversations with others and certainly conversations in a crowd (aka the presentation). (whoa…that post hurt my head…you?) Tip – Use your experiences to teach others in your talks!”

noble thought for life.
  1. this inhuman side is part of human until we recognize that inhumanity is something human
  2. all of us have that desire to explore  an intellectual space or creative space that goes beyond  what we do professionally.
  3. Parents warm us  like a sun.
  4. looking into oneself is like looking into the universe as a whole.
  5. our life is compartmentalized into 2 major components  one component  is SACRED (RELIGIOUS ) and spiritual other is  secular ,materialist. Religion does not play  role in social,economic and political life.
  6. every one is born innocent no one is sinner , no person can bear the burden of another child. every one is pure and innocent. what kind of indoctrination he/she gets  that makes  him good or bad  initially there is no sin to be inherited.
  7. we are haunted by our inner demons more than any  outer ones ——-stonepeace